Little update and funny story

Published on 7 January 2023 at 15:22

Hi all, hope you're all doing ok. just a little update and to tell a funny story about our trip shopping the other day.

So, I got my next Podcast recorded that's ready for release on Monday, I spent a few minuets explaining about this website and blog as well as that I've given an update on a fairly new issue/symptom that I'm currently dealing with. 

Back to work tomorrow after my 4 days off, Wow time flies!. 

Ok, so.... I do want to lighten things up from time to time and not always be completely serious, we all need a laugh sometimes, just the other day Lisa and Myself were in the shop grabbing a few days dinners and some other bits, while walking round I thought id treat us all to some ice creams for pudding. (remember I've got a crutch in each hand so not able to grab things very fast) I open the freezer that's up high to grab some mint chocolate lollies, on opening it up a box of said ice lollies fell out onto the freezer below and the box decided to hit me square in my private area CORNER FIRST haha... I cant lie it hurt haha, Lisa bless her totally lost it and was wetting herself laughing which started me off, yep... I know you had to see it for full effect but it really was funny. 

Anyway... I will plan to say Hi again in a few days, by all means drop me a comment or if you've got any questions you'd like to ask please either jump onto my Instagram or TikTok alternatively Email me here and I'll look to answer some questions on the Podcast in the future. 


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