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Helpful Products and Fun Things

This radar key has been an absolute life saver while out and about. this is a key that allows access to some public toilets for people needing accessible toilets.

Xbox Series S, I'm just getting back into gaming and bought myself the Series S, the graphics are unbelievable. This deal with the 3 games is worth a look, fortnite and rocket league I'm having a lot of fun with.

These are the pads I use on my crutches, its a lot more comfortable using them. highly recommend if like me you are a regular user of crutches.

Sticky back plastic that we are using to make the loft hatch look brighter.

Lions mane mushroom supplement, I'm using this to try and help with memory issues.

Memory foam pillow, Hypoallergenic, really comfy. to adjust the height you just extract the memory foam inside.

Andrex toilet rolls, really good value for a pack of 72.