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What Is MS

Just a brief run down of what MS is...

Multiple Sclerosis or MS is a condition that can effect the Brain, Spinal Cord and Optic Nerves.

In MS the coating protecting your nerves called Myelin is damaged by your immune system, due to the immune system mistakenly thinking it is a foreign body, this leaves what are known as Lesions (scars), these Lesions or scars effect the signals being sent around the body, which, can cause signals to either be disrupted or even not be received where they should be at all.

MS is classed as a Neurological condition due to it effecting your nerves. Sclerosis means scars which are also known as Lesions.


One of the best explanations I've seen and often use to describe MS is. Think of an electrical wire, while that wire has the coating on it, the electric is sent around exactly as it should, but, if you strip away the coating and expose the wire then the electric will not go where it's supposed to, it has no protection so the electric jumps around out of the hole. that's such a basic way to think about it, but, it really did help me to understand what was going on.