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How things have been lately

Things really are a bit tough at the moment. The fatigue has been hitting hard, not to mention pain in my legs, but I'm determined to fight through it. Since being diagnosed this is the longest time that I've had feeling rough, being honest I'm wondering if it has a bit to do with the change in weather... ok summer was a bit wet and rubbish, but at least it wasn't cold. 

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the skydive and other bits

Wow, it's been a busy couple of weeks. the jump day came and went, what a day it was, even from the moment I woke up that day the excitement was massive.

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sometimes you just have to vent!

Let's jump straight in!... As I'd mentioned a while back I had noticed that things weren't right and felt like I needed some help. Well I took a massive step and asked for some support with my mental health, honestly this was such a big thing for me to admit. It had been something I knew was needed but, talking completely honestly, I was scared to admit!. The support had been going on for a few weeks, until... while I was ill last week, yep, I missed 1 call.

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