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My Poems



so you decided to pick me, now we get this life together.

First it was the numb feet, then the legs, then you try to make friends with a hug... I've had better hugs chucking drunks out the pub.

You make me stumble, You make me fall, You make me forget, you took a hobby from me... Well guess what, I replaced that with 3!!

I do the garden, I'm going back to Guitar, I even now do the Pod... So understand this, MS... Throw whatever you want my way, some days  you will get your way, but, remember this ''My Friend'', this warrior WILL NEVER QUIT, The fire inside still burns and this life is mine!



Written by Michael Parker 12/10/2022


Here I sit, another day, another set of thoughts, another fight with what's inside.

Everyday to wake and see what comes next, the next pain, the next fall, the next laugh, yes, that's right I said laugh, because through each pain, each fall, each bad day it builds a fire, it builds a passion, it builds a desire to keep going, to fight, to not back down.

Each time looking around and seeing life, seeing love, seeing beauty, it makes that fight, fire and desire to keep going grow stronger and burn hotter.

I take a step back and look at what was and I compare with now, WOW, what a difference, different views, different abilities, different life.

Well I keep going, keep smiling, keeping laughing.

Because through it all I choose to not back down, to not give in, to not lose myself, because I choose..... TO FIGHT!


Written by Michael Parker 17/11/2022


So, with the new year coming, we have new hopes, new dreams, new fight.

With the coming of the chiming bells and the banging of the fireworks, we smile, we laugh, we hug.

When the bells stop and the beauty of the fireworks end, its time for sleep, dreaming of all the good we want from the coming year, the previous one wasn't so good, this time round, we wake with a new fight , new passion, new hopes.

This time we battle the bad and replace it with good, this new year we use what we learned and continue the fight, with old experience to help guide us forward into our future, the one we want, we need, the one we deserve.


Written by Michael Parker 29/12/2022



Well here we are, MS. Yesterday, Today and a couple of weeks gone by, you've had your way, pains, aches, aches and pains, oh, don't forget  the tiredness and fuzzy head.

Like a Phoenix I will rise, I wont give in, I wont back down, I wont quit.

I'm still new to this, your nasty games, your nasty tricks, actually you're just nasty. well I've said it once and I'll say it again... I wont give in, I wont back down, I wont quit.

So bring it on, I will fight back, every battle and every attack will be met by me and those that have got my back.

No matter what one last time, I wont give in, I wont back down, I WONT QUIT.


Written by Michael Parker 18/01/2023  




I fancy going for a walk today... down by the river... then I remember, I cant, I wont make it, it's to far... you know what I'm going anyway. I'm putting my trainers on, I'm taking the scooter... FU MS!

You defiantly do remind you're here, like I'd ever forget, how could I forget, forget the pain, forget the...err.... oh yeah forgetfulness, forget what you've taken. Well you know what, I will never forget, I will never forgive... but, I will also never back down, so, FU MS.

I've not known about you very long, you've lived free for a long time, so I'm told, free to cause no end of problems, no end of issues, to take things away, well now I know, I understand, I can and will look to rebuild as much as I can. I've got just two words left to say, but, because of polite company I'll shorten them down and say... FU MS!.


Written by Michael Parker 6/02/2023




When the time comes for the fighter inside rise, be ready, be prepared, be proud.

Proud to look the challenge in the eye and say, I'm here, I will not back down, I will fight. Some days will be tough, some will feel like what's the point, others will feel like a new dawn is coming. 

No matter what this fighter is ready, prepared, proud.

When the bad days come my shield will be ready, my sword prepared and I will stand proud, on these days my shield may splinter and the sword swing.

I will fight until that new dawn comes, because this fighter has grown, this fighter has become a warrior and the warrior is ready, prepared and proud to look at all challenges and say, enough, now I fight, forever I will fight.


written by Michael Parker 2/03/2023



The day my world stood still.

The day things changed forever.

Not just another day, this was the day that my life was turned around.

In the space of a few words, everything changed, never to be the same again.

Walked into the doctor’s office with a joke and a laugh, listened to the words that were said and tried to understand what was going on and what it all meant.

Walking out not knowing, not knowing what to think or how to feel, numbness, until the cool air hit. then, fear, shock and tears.

On that day my world stood still, things changed, my life turned around, this wasn’t just another day.

On this day one fire went out and one started anew, a burning to never give in, to find a way to keep going, to fight.

This fight, this battle, this fire continues to grow every day. Every day since the day my world stood still, the day things changed forever, the day my life was turned around.


Written by Michael Parker 21/07/2023




Ah, ok. So...

You didn't like me being positive.

You didn't like me fighting.

You didn't like me, being me.


I don't like you causing pain.

I don't like you causing falls.

I don't like you taking what's mine.




We need to accept times change.

We need to accept you don't like me and I don't like you.

We need to accept we want different things.




As much as times change.

As much as we dislike each other.

As much as we want different things.


Only one thing matters.

Only one thing counts.

Only one thing and that thing is... ME!!


Written by Michael Parker 8/ 08/2023