Ms nurse meeting

Published on 31 January 2023 at 10:47

Hey, hope your all doing well. Yesterday I had the meeting with the MS nurse to discuss treatment options, I only have 1 option open to me which is Ocrelizumab 'Ocrevus'. I have provisionally been booked in for mid February to have my first half infusion, then the next one start of March. I had the blood test done after the meeting so as long as that comes back clear then we can get started. Lots to think about due to the type of treatment it is, but, even if its only a tiny chance of me having some time where I stop deteriorating its got to be worth it?. yes the possible side effects are scary and I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little worried, but, I accept that. I need to look at the positive side and if I'm lucky and it does work well at least I may have some time without things getting worse. 

Apparently I'm a complex case haha, I don't do anything easy haha. I'm being treated for Relapsing Remitting MS but they are more confident it's Primary Progressive, they are doing that as, so I'm told I don't meet the criteria for treatment on the NHS for Primary Progressive (got to love tick boxes), either way the treatment is now ready and as nervous, scared and  apprehensive as I am, its time to get help with this fight and believe me, I'm up for this fight!. Oh just a little side note, on the way to and from the appointment we had the pleasure of seeing some of the Red Arrows flying around, have to be honest it was really impressive.  


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Mal Kiely
a year ago

Aint it always the way! We are all so unique when it comes to our MS, huh?
Hope your DMT course goes positively for you, good sir!