after the infusion

Published on 17 February 2023 at 21:01

Hey Everyone, I hope you're all ok. Well I'm home and have been for a good few hours, I know I've said this, but, honestly today went so much smoother than I'd imagined. Again I will give a massive shout out to everyone that I've met today the Nurses, other people getting treatment, all made this much easier than I expected. when I got home had some lunch and watched a bit of TV to chill out, started getting tired so got in bed and had a couple of Nana Naps haha. when I woke back up I actually felt quite good, getting a bit warm later in the evening but still feel good. I'm going to keep you all updated over the next couple of days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday been advised to take antihistamine so that will happen. posting up a couple of pictures from today.  Anyway

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