big life change and emotional physio appointment

Published on 30 March 2023 at 21:47

today has been a real mixed bag, after 20 years in the security industry, I made an agreement with my company for me to step away from the business. This was fully down to my MS diagnosis, without MS I'd have continued my job for many, many years to come, to be fair even with it I'd have kept going. yesterday was my last physical shift, I have no doubt this is going to be a big thing to get use to but when one door closes another opens... I had Physio today where it was arranged for me to meet a specialist to discuss a FES machine, WOW, what an incredible machine it is, I suffer very badly with foot drop on my right foot, when walking using the FES I could actually walk! no foot drop at all. Ok still very hard on my legs but well worth it, It went so well I actually felt confident walking and I've not felt that in a very long time. Got to be totally honest, I got very emotional because of how it felt to actually walk properly, I actually did lose a few tears. absolutely suffering for it now, really painful legs and mega tired but so, so worth it. I'm being referred and I'm told that in a couple of months I could have one to bring home to use. 

have a great few days 

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