fatigue is a total b1tch

Published on 28 August 2023 at 18:40

hey, all. Let's talk about how much a *B*fatigue is. Over the last couple of day's I've probably over done things a bit, the gardening and then adding some acoustic padding to the walls of the studio, to help the sound on the podcast and live streaming games. Today when I woke up to take my pain meds it was such a struggle to open my eyes, no sooner were the meds taken I fell back to sleep again, honestly I couldn't have got up no matter how much I tried. My opinion the work that had been done the last couple of days wasn't much, but, wow it's taken it's toll. Everything that could ache currently does, spent some time in the studio listening to music and relaxing with some Xbox, must have been 13:30 time it was possible for me to get up. Well aware I still have so much to learn about MS but this was a bit of a lesson, literally so different to normal tiredness.

Do I feel like it was all worth the effort? Yes, but, really do need to figure out a happy medium between, doing things and then pushing too hard that it causes issues. 

This being out of work thing is a killer as well, wanting to find something to do as a 'job'. Finding a routine for things, the gaming is something that I'm looking to earn from, it's very hard going from the main bread winner to not having an income, but, I'm determined to change that. 

have a good few days


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