Wow, Ouch!

Published on 20 January 2023 at 12:16

Hi, Everyone. How are you all doing?.

So, as the title says OUCH!. I was out and about yesterday for work, I had my wheelchair and both my crutches with me as well as my Dad and Friend, When we arrived it was very well decided we would go and get some lunch. As It was only a half mile walk I thought I would walk it, after all I had my crutches and the chair if I needed it. 

Well it took me a while but we got to the restaurant and had a great lunch, heading back to where I needed to be for work I rode in the chair to be safe.

Well this is the following day and well.... OUCH!. unbelievable pains in my legs and my back, really didn't think I'd over done it at all but clearly I was wrong, honestly think I could have spent all day today in bed. Well lesson learnt for sure, haha. 


speak soon


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