Appointment with my Neurologist

Published on 23 January 2023 at 19:49

Hey All, so, on Friday I managed to get a last minute appointment booked, to see my neurologist for today, Monday 23rd January. This was because of the ongoing issues I've been having due to still not being on treatment, The neurologist explained to me why it is taking so long for treatment to be agreed (I'm not happy they've left me so long) he also explained the Lumbar puncture results as well, my case is back before the MS MDT this Wednesday, hopefully they will now agree treatment and maybe then I can stop deteriorating quite so quickly. I have also now seen the images from my brain scan (yes I do actually have one haha). I may share the main image over the next few days.

Speak soon


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Mal Kiely
a year ago

Hope it's all OK for the both of you - dr and patient!