the results are in!...

Published on 15 February 2023 at 23:03

Hey, how are we all?. Well, the results of the blood test and X-ray are in..... they are all fine, so, this Friday (17/2) I will be starting on Ocrevus (as long as I don't get any illness between now and then). I am massively nervous, but, honestly I'm also very grateful for the opportunity to start this treatment, in the hope I can slow down the progression that been happening for many months. The letter the MS nurse sent stated at the time of our meeting to discuss treatment, my EDSS was 'at best 6', 'at worst 6.5' should I get the 7.0, the treatment will be withdrawn, the last few days I've taken some time to collect my thoughts and start to try and process everything, honestly the letter and confirmation of treatment really did hit me like a truck, kinda felt like going through diagnosis all over again but, this is where we are and I'm up for this fight!. Been doing the MS society challenge 28 which is now half way though, to anyone taking part in it, YOU'VE GOT THIS!, YOU'RE A WARRIOR!. Anyway... thanks for reading, by all means come visit me on my social media platforms which are in the contact section of this website, I will do all I can to keep you informed and entertained.

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