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Published on 17 February 2023 at 11:36

Hi all, Well here we are, I'm currently sat in the hospital with a drip in my hand putting in my first half dose of Ocrevus. Started early, before 8 am, taken the antihistamine, steroid and now, the main event. I didn't sleep much last night thinking about it, but, now I'm here I'm a lot more at ease, both the MS nurse and Infusion nurse are fantastic, they have made this much easier than I expected. Had a little reaction towards the second hour, bit red and itchy but that seems to have passed. We are now upping the drip speed to see how my body handles it. Lots of snacks and treats with me but actually not overly hungry. Got to say the time really is ticking passed, not even had my music on yet haha. I will keep you all updated today and over the next couple of days.


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