today, has been... a good day.

Published on 21 February 2023 at 21:23

Hey, I hope everyone is well. Today has been a very good day, same old pains, same old tiredness but I had a conversation today that really helped a lot and I'm very grateful for it. Aside from that I took the scooter out to go and meet Lisa from work, lovely sunny day, bit of chill but really enjoyed it. Made such a basic error this morning, I took my painkiller which I have in a tablet divider box, so it reminds me if I've taken them during the day, it wasn't until the evening when I'm thinking Wow I'm hurting, I realised my afternoon tablet had been missed because instead of keeping the days box with me, I'd put it back in the locked box in the bedroom, haha oh dear. I'll be more mindful next time... I hope. Quite enjoying this week off, ok I'm still very tired but just having some time to relax is really helping. It's giving me time to make content for the social media and YouTube accounts, Like heading home with Lisa today we noticed a bird of prey (Red Kite) flying near us so, I stopped the scooter and filmed it for a short time (ok I'm no cameraman) but a video has gone up online and people seem to be enjoying it. well that's about it for now, I hope you all have a good few days.

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