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Published on 25 February 2023 at 11:14

Hi everyone, how's things?. Well just an update on how things currently are, After 12 days off I'm back to work today. I took some annual leave ready for the first Ocrevus treatment, in the hope it would give me chance to get over any possible side effects, well thankfully I've been ok. currently things seem to be quite stable in the term's of no more new issues have come up, same pains and odd feelings like the water drop feelings on my head, electric shocks from time to time and lets not forget the major mobility, memory and fatigue issues. On the podcast this week I'm going to be discussing the emotional side to my MS diagnosis, quite a big subject for me to discuss to be fair but I really want to get it out in the open. Also toying with the idea of a new section to this website, thinking of maybe adding some photo's showing what I am and have been up to, any feedback on that would be awesome, so by all means drop me an email or pop across to any of my social media accounts and let me know what you think. email is and all the social media links are in the contact section of this website. well I hope you all have a good few days and I'll update you all again really soon.

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