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Published on 3 March 2023 at 10:11

Hi everyone, well a few bits to update you all with. Firstly this Monday coming I've got my next half dose of Ocrevus, that couple of weeks has really flown past, sat and wrote another new poem which is on here, quite enjoyed that one I must admit. Had a rough few days in terms of pains and memory issues, not going to be helped by the fact the doctors got my pain medication wrong, so its possible I could be without painkillers for the next couple of days. On a much lighter note, I'm told my MS story will be published by Multiple Sclerosis news today on the 4th March, really honoured to have been chosen to have my story shared. I am writing this blog from my new/old laptop that I've bought to try and learn how to edit video's. In the near future my plan is to really ramp up the podcast and video's by making them a lot more professional, could be a lot of work because I know nothing at all about editing.

Well I hope you all have a good few days, I will blog from my treatment chair again Monday.

Speak soon


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