2 days after....

Published on 8 March 2023 at 21:27

Hi all, hope you're all well. Today has been a good but kinda tough day, I went out this morning with my Dad and eldest daughter to go and look for decorating bits, I tried to walk as much as possible but, turns out that wasn't a good idea.... we did grab some lunch while we were out and I had an awesome Raspberry cheesecake, but, even though I used the wheelchair when it felt like it was needed when I got home the level of tiredness was massive, had a long nap on the sofa and then went up to bed until dinner, really found it hard to handle this fatigue today. honestly could have stayed in bed all day, maybe I need to start listening to my body more often. Still have a few days off before going back to work after annual leave so rest is absolutely in order.

have a good few days and I'll update again very soon.


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