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Published on 12 March 2023 at 12:19

well hello again, it's been a few days after the infusion now and I'm feeling good, the tiredness has passed in the most part and apart from my normal pains and issues I'm doing ok. its been a decent few days, I've been on calls with both of the MS medical research studies that I'm helping with, one is to do with the emotional effects of diagnosis and the other is memory based, the tests I had to do for the memory study were really hard but actually very good. I did a live video on TikTok Thursday, really enjoyed it, had some brilliant conversations, I will be doing more when I've got days off work. the next podcast is released 13th March it's very much an update on how the week has gone. hope you have a good few days,

speak soon


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a year ago

Thanks. A good few days? Take 'em! Lol