tough few days

Published on 22 March 2023 at 07:40

Hi, hope everyone is as well as can be. sorry I've not updated for a few days, as the title say's it's been a bit of a tough ride. lots of things on my mind, along with pains and not sleeping well at all. unfortunately I couldn't record a podcast this week, due to not really being in the right headspace. I will be back with that ready for release Monday as usual. my doctor has given me sleeping tablets but I'm trying to avoid taking them, unless its absolutely necessary. struggling with pains in my right leg mainly at the moment, more so the calf muscle but also my lower back isn't good, foot drop on my right is also causing me a lot of trouble (always does) but due to feeling quite stressed of late that seems to be making even more of an issue. I will fight back and come through this little rough patch, on a better note when I'm resting up I've been playing the guitar a bit more (just a beginner after years without playing) found a really lovely little riff that's fun and sounds great. next week I've got an appointment with Physio which they have someone coming to give me a trial with a FES machine, if that can help with the foot drop it would be awesome but will have to wait and see on that one haha. 

anyway hope you have a good few days and we'll speak soon


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