trip to the south coast 1

Published on 11 April 2023 at 21:27

Hi all, Well today has been a long day. We've had a 200+ mile trip down to the south coast to take a look around before we think about starting our possible family move to the area. On first look I have to say it's absolutely beautiful, the weather today (Tuesday) has been awful, dinner from the local chippy was fantastic though, the fish was lovely. I've over done it for sure walking around the shopping centre, lots of pain in my legs and back, but, to be fair it was worth it, when we get home later in the week I'll have a few days rest to recover. Tomorrow we will have more of a look around local areas to see what its like, I took some pictures from the house we are staying in's window, I'll upload them so you can see.

I'll keep updating while I'm away.

speak soon


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