trip to the south coast 2

Published on 12 April 2023 at 20:51

Hey, So, today was our full day in the city. We went for a walk around the shopping complex outdoors and inside as well, It was good to see so many different shops as well as get a feel for the place. It is a very hilly area which, being honest long term I'd find almost impossible to handle, so when we look to move down its defiantly a case of looking for houses outside the city centre. What I have done today is walk around a bit, that hasn't gone unnoticed by my body haha, my everything aches and really very tired but like I'd said to myself, these couple of days push myself as much as I can and then rest the next couple of days, honestly don't think I'll have a choice on that, when needed I've used my wheelchair. What I did do today is wear my hoodie with my podcast details on, previous to today I'd never had a download from this city but on last check I had hit 80+, kind of pleased with that haha. well tomorrow is home time, will defiantly miss the place and the view from the house we have stayed in, but, it was really worth a visit.

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