busier now than when I was working

Published on 4 May 2023 at 12:50

Hi all, WOW, it feels like I'm run off my feet a lot lately. We've been doing some decorating upstairs getting ready to put the house on the market and also I've been trying to find the new normal since leaving work. Had a couple of weeks off the Podcast due to being so busy, new episode will be recorded very soon and then back to normal recording times. How I've been lately is very strange, really throwing myself into things to try and keep my mind busy, been a struggle to get use to not getting up and going to work. It's also been quite tough with issues that MS is throwing at me, my back and legs are really painful after working so hard, my foot drop is causing me to have real difficulty walking to far as is fatigue, I'm exhausted all the time lately, my back at times has actually made me drop to my knees in pain, still getting water drop feelings on my head at times but through it all I refuse to be beaten and I'm going to keep going, yes I'll push myself and yes I'll suffer for it but, I wont quit and I wont stop trying. Really considering joining a gym to try some leg exercises I'm just waiting to hear if it would be safe for me to do so.

Well I'm hoping you are all doing as best as you can.

Speak soon


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