a busy few days

Published on 23 April 2023 at 11:23

Hi all, hope everyone is ok. Well after the few days away we came home and wow did I regret over doing it, for the first couple of days after I could barely do anything at all, my legs were very weak and fatigue was awful. Really enjoyed the trip though, such a nice area now just to research some less hilly areas around Plymouth. I did have a fall just after coming back, getting out of bed and my legs felt like they didn't exist, so I fell into the wardrobe, head first, thankfully no damage to me or the wardrobe. It's been a bit of a learning curve now I'm not going to work, but, I'm looking for something and I'm determined to keep myself busy. The new section of this website will be where I'll add Amazon links to things that help me and I think could help other people, OH and the odd fun item... talking about fun stuff, may have accidently bought myself a new Xbox, did stop gaming for many years but lately I've got back into it a bit to keep my brain ticking over, have to say it really is fun, just taking myself out of reality a bit and letting my brain have a rest from all of what's going on. Had a nice trip to the garden centre and actually didn't buy any plants for once. One last thing, during a couple of trips out when the wheelchair has been needed I've tried to learn how to wheel myself, honestly not easy and its very achy on my arms but really satisfying to be able to have that tiny bit of freedom.

have a good few days

speak soon


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