how I've coped with a really rough couple of days

Published on 15 May 2023 at 12:53

Hi, All. As the title says its been a couple of very bad days, The other night me and Lisa were sat watching a film and while relaxing I had massive amounts of pain and restlessness in my left leg, To the point I had to get up and fight do do some stretching exercises to try and help with it, I laid on the floor and fought the pain and discomfort to pull my leg up to my chest to get the muscle moving and then used the sofa to help with stretching at a bit of height. got to say it made a very small amount of difference, the following day.... I woke to take my pain killer after a quite bad nights sleep due to discomfort in my leg and back, when I woke the pain in my back as well as a really off numb feeling down my spine was so strange that I had to fight to go back to sleep to try and block it all out, I'm not someone that sleeps in for to long but, it was gone 14:30 buy the time I woke and was able to actually get out of bed. The sleep and rest in bed was very much needed, if I'd stayed awake and tried to fight through it may have made things worse, when I did get up literally just sat on the sofa relaxing, played some of my new Xbox game (PGA 2K23). thankfully now its a bit more manageable, still feeling pains but nowhere near as bad. 

Well I hope you all have a good few days and I'll speak to you real soon.


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