some positive stuff

Published on 22 May 2023 at 11:43

Hi All, well lets start this off how it should be, After all the hard work of getting the Hall, Landing and Stairs prepped, painted and wall papered today the carpet is getting laid... really cant wait to see it finished, I'm sat writing this while the team are in doing the work. I will share some pics on my social media of it, the handrail was fitted the other day and looks great. On the MS front I took some advice about using Vicks Vaporub on my legs when I'm going to bed and they are hurting, I wasn't sure about how it would help but my word it does!, twice lately before getting in bed I've used it and both times its eased the pain and discomfort, not get rid of it but defiantly helped. Also the advice about using lions mane mushroom supplements so far has worked very well, in a very short space of time I've noticed my short term memory has improved a lot, defiantly going to keep going with them. I'm so determined to keep pushing on no matter what this thing throws at me, can honestly say I've had some low times due to it lately but that will not stop me pushing forward, #FUMS is all I have to say to it, HaHa.

anyway I'll speak to you all soon.


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