World MS Day yesterday

Published on 31 May 2023 at 20:26

Evening All, Hope you are all well. Yesterday was World MS Day, it was so good to see lots of posts on social media from people talking about MS, but... I really didn't see much on any type of news networks, it didn't seem to get any press. I know we've had MS awareness already this year, but, so much is still unknown and not understood about the condition, having conversations in different places wouldn't hurt to encourage people to gain more knowledge. I had a very productive meeting yesterday and since that I've managed to apply for some courses to try and gain some qualifications, that could help me in looking for a career change. Quite looking forward to a family day out this weekend, heading to Norfolk to have a look at the areas, see if it's a better prospect than the south cost for our prospective move.

Have a good few days

Speak soon


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