How things have been going.

Published on 23 June 2023 at 12:08

Hey, Everyone. Well I've deliberately left it a few days without posting, this was because I didn't want to post up while, I was still so emotional about the FES, now I've had some time with it I can give a more grounded assessment. IT'S AWESOME!! Hope that's clear enough haha. So confident walking with it, no I can't walk any further but honestly, I don't care about that, feels so much safer while walking. I have had a few issue's, it's not been totally easy but teething problems are to be expected, last couple of days it's felt a bit sore on the lower pad, I've changed that and now its fine. It is quite a bit to get use to having wires running up my leg but absolutely worth it. Genuinely this little machine is changing my ability to move around. Talking about the other issues I have, fatigue is absolutely giving me a kicking, literally even the smallest effort with things and I'm exhausted, lots of pains all over at the moment but I will not give in!. I've been doing bits in the garden, planting some new plants and tidying up, I'll stick some pictures of my favourite plants up over the next few days.

Have a good few days

Speak soon


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