the hug

Published on 10 July 2023 at 21:23

Well, this isn't very comfortable. Sat here this evening and the MS hug is absolutely kicking my a** , feeling like my rib cage is in a vice. It's not been too bad during the day, but in the last hour or so (currently 21:05) it's gone about as bad as its ever been. No explanation for it, for once I've not over done things, in fact it's been a very chilled day. Had a trip out and grabbed a coffee with Lisa and Dad on our way to go shopping, staff in the coffee shop were fantastic and even advised us to download the app as we go in quite a lot, even to the point enough points are already on the app that I get a free drink on the next visit, also, on my birthday (might be close) a free cake (lemon drizzle, NOM NOM). Walking round shopping, normal aches and pains, had to turn the FEZ up a couple of times to fight the footdrop, but still the hug wasn't like this.

I did miss a painkiller this morning so maybe that could be an issue, but when I've missed a tablet previously this hasn't happened. Hoping by sleep time it's eased off a bit or laying down could be a bit awkward. Changing the subject a but... really looking forward to the weekend and raising money for the MS trust by streaming on Twitch, hopefully some people watch and are able to donate a little bit to a great cause. Something I feel so proud to do, rising money for MS charities.

Well I hope you all have a good couple of days and I'll speak soon.


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