what a great night out

Published on 8 July 2023 at 23:09

so, tonight we went out to go and see a show at the local Guild Hall. What a fantastic show it was... The Carpenters Experience Tribute Show, playing all the old classic tunes by the Carpenters. don't think I stopped singing along all night haha poor people around me lol, really did have such a good time. every member of the band were brilliant, even down to the guitarist playing a solo with his teeth (incredible to see, just WOW). loved every minute of having a night out with Lisa and Dad. I was determined to just have fun and enjoy the evening, had no end of issues all day including electric shock type feelings on my face, legs and arms but, no way was I allowing that to take away this night out. Sat writing this blog and still buzzing from it haha, it's been many years since I've been to a gig like that (not counting any I did security at), made me realise how much I miss seeing live music, know I'll never get in another mosh pit at a metal gig again, but still defiantly wont stop me keeping my eye out for a good band top go and see.

anyway, thought I'd share my night with you all.

speak soon


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