stream for MS and suffering internet Trolling

Published on 16 July 2023 at 19:07

This weekend ha been fun, the streaming has been quite hard but fun. I've been really trying to learn how to properly stream games and how to make videos from the streams, really odd playing a game and looking at yourself. Defiantly going to continue on with it as tough as it is I've taken it as a challenge to make it successful. On Saturday night jumped onto a live on social media, really enjoyed it to start with, had some good chats and really enjoying it, until... around half hour in, started getting some quite odd comments like being called 'daddy', 'uncle' and then other comments started including one person making a very nasty comment about Lisa, my wife. these comments went on for well over an hour, I had to block lot's of accounts as the comments became very personal and at times quite abusive (will not put the nasty ones on here). I do think that the social media companies should be a lot more proactive in dealing with trolls and bot accounts, but, as horrible as it was the good people in the live actually made it very worth while. in all over 2000 people came into it with around half being good, nice people. I have to say it has really lit a fire in me to make a difference no matter what trolls try to do to stop that.

look forward to speaking to you soon


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