last few hours in my 30's

Published on 18 July 2023 at 20:34

In a few hours I'll no longer be in my 30's. Not sure why, but, kinda feels like a big deal haha. Really looking forward to a family outing tomorrow for a game of 10 pin bowling. Have a feeling it might be a little tough to play, but, absolutely no way MS is stopping me have this fun, I'll find a way to throw that ball down the lane no matter what. Pleased I'm getting back on to the social media side of things, think that was a big miss when I'd taken that break from it. Had the phone call from the mental health charity on Monday, it was quite productive. Now waiting on a call to let me know when the first face to face appointment will be, the not so good thing is it's likely to be long wait, due to me seeing someone that specialises in helping those with long term health conditions. Fingers are crossed it isn't too long but either way at least it's heading in the right direction. Only a few days until our family get together, again really looking forward to it, shame the weather isn't playing fair... Ok, I wasn't going to mention it, but, WHERE IS OUR SUMMER?!… personally I'm a massive fan of summer, the warm (not hot), not much rain, BBQ weather cant remember a July being like this for a very long time. Please give us some sunshine in August haha, would love the ability to get out on my scooter and just enjoy some time outdoors.

Look forward to telling you about the birthday fun.


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