definitely feeling a bit better

Published on 8 August 2023 at 19:46

Think the antibiotics are having the right effect, last couple of of days things have been improving. Actually had proper dinner and not had to squeeze food into the smallest little opening haha. Still having issues with pains in other places and very wobbly on my legs but, at least now eating isn't so hard. Now for a real positive thing, the sun is out it's 19:35, I'm sat in the studio (shed) blogging, listening to music and just relaxing for a bit, feeling so good about things. Looked at the podcast today and I've realised the next show is the 50th full episode, really want to do something good for it, but I'm not sure what haha (any requests would be good?). getting so close to the MS Society walk in London next month, can't wait for it to be fair. On Friday I've got a meeting on teams with one of the MS medical studies that I'm assisting with, this is the memory one, really found it hard last time. Hoping the Lions Mane tablets have had a little bit of an effect, really feel like they have if I'm honest but now it will be the real test. 

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