very tough few days, been unwell. crap gap?.

Published on 6 August 2023 at 19:00

In my last blog I'd said I thought I'd messed up, well... defiantly didn't help myself doing that walk down the road, but, that may have just been a bit of the problem. Literally the following day started to get pain in the right side of my jaw, totally something I've felt before. Tried to ignore it along with the pains in my legs, back and the hug. unfortunately that wasn't possible and when I woke the next day a nice bit of swelling around the area, unable to open my mouth fully and lot's of pain. Knowing what the issue is I contacted the doctor and asked for some antibiotics, thankfully the doctor agreed that it was most likely a saliva gland infection, OUCH!. Lots of rest has helped it a bit, still very painful and can't quite open my mouth that much to eat, but, still doing what I can to get food down me. Now then... I'm around 4 weeks away from my next Ocrevus infusion, things have been seeming a bit hard with MS issues, sorry that's an understatement... struggling quite a lot if I'm totally honest. Pain seems to be ramping up and just all my usual symptoms seem to be getting worse. Suppose the positive thing is, nothing new seems to be happening, just all the normal stuff. Know that people had explained to me that the closer you get to the next infusion it's possible to get what has been dubbed the crap gap. I can't say for sure that's what's going on, but, kinda does make sense. Well if it is then at least I know what I'm dealing with. Currently sat in the Studio, with my music on getting ready to record this weeks podcast, music really does help!. giving me a real drive to fight through and not let things stop me.

Have a great few days

Speak soon


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