50th episode of the podcast

Published on 12 August 2023 at 16:03

Well time really does fly!. It only seems a couple of months ago that I had the thought of opening up about my journey with this awful, evil and down right shi* condition. I wanted to get my story out in the open, in the hope that one day, hearing about how I cope would help somebody else handle a similar diagnosis. Yes the podcast is only very small, it isn't professionally done, I have zero training or even knowledge about what it takes to produce a podcast, but, every week I sit in the shed and I talk. Mainly getting things off my chest, which helps me a whole lot more than I realised it would. Yes MS has caused me to go through some really bad times, I've gone from walking a mile and a half to work, to no longer employed due to the condition, I can't walk more than a few yards before pain and tiredness kick in, my mental health has suffered also. Well you know what!, I'm so proud of the podcast and massively grateful to each and every person that listens in.  Just this week a new country was added to my list of nations that have tuned in. I really hope someone, somewhere has heard my story and found it even in the smallest bit helpful. The podcast will continue and I really hope to learn new things to make it even better for those that listen. Finally, let's not forget this website, blog, social media and YouTube. All of it makes me so proud and again I say I have no training with any of this, but, fumbling though is fun, it makes me proud and I love doing it all. I enjoy speaking to new people and connecting with people worldwide.


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