a new issue? and a good day out.

Published on 15 August 2023 at 23:02

Over the last few days I'd noticed a new issue that seemed to start totally randomly. A couple of days ago I was feeling a little tired after dinner so had a little nap on the sofa, when I woke up had this really odd vibrating feeling all over my body. Not something I'd ever felt before, it was really strong and just wouldn't stop, sat and recorded a video for the social media accounts explaining about it. Thankfully the response from friends was fantastic and gave some good advice, as well reassured me. I did report it the following morning as it was still going on, during the course of that day the feeling did lessen. That evening had a great time doing a live on TikTok chatting with some friends and again explaining what the feeling was. Now a couple of days have passed and that feeling seems to have gone, hoping it doesn't come back, but, as we know with MS anything is possible. 

Had a great day out to go and view some properties in preparation for our possible house move. Have to say we may have found a contender, time will tell on that though. Lunch was awesome, nice tea room by the beach, chicken goujons and chips with sweet chilli sauce for me, absolutely loved it. On the way back to the car I may have mentioned hot donuts... OHHHH, they were fantastic and a bag of candy floss may have also happened haha. Really do hope this move happens, fingers are very much crossed for sure.

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