Anniversary and a good couple of days

Published on 24 August 2023 at 10:42

Only one way to start. It's our wedding anniversary today 😊💕💖 4 years married to the most incredible woman, I'm a very lucky man and so grateful to have found the love of my life.

I know I'd mentioned about an issue with my left ear recently, well, I had to try and get that fixed. My opticians put me in touch with a local company called Correct Hearing based in the George Shopping Centre, I have to say they were fantastic, booked me in for an appointment the following day. When I arrived for the appointment the staff were so friendly and very welcoming, during the procedure to unblock my ear everything was done really well and I was made really comfortable, by the time all was done I could hear again, thankfully.

On Wednesday my Dad, Brother and Me went to go and see Oppenheimer, Really enjoyed the film and even more so, it was nice to get out and about. I wont spoil it for anyone wanting to see it, but, if you get chance to go and see it, do so.

MS wise things have been not too bad, having some issues with sleeping, lot's of pains which has meant it's been hard to get comfy. Not been feeling so well either, but can't really explain what the unwell feeling is to be honest.

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