family BBQ. well done lionesses

Published on 21 August 2023 at 02:31

Saturday we had some family over for a BBQ. The weather was fantastic, so would have felt wrong not to make the most of it, really enjoyed seeing everyone and just having some time to relax. Before that my new chair arrived, have to say having sat in it for a long time Sunday night it was worth every penny. Recorded the podcast very late in the day and then went on to do a late night stream on Twitch, it's now 02:20 and I'm sat writing this blog, this late night stuff might take some getting use to haha. Getting into this new way of life a little now, it is so hard not being able to go out to work but, finding these new things to do, to keep me going feels like such a positive thing. Well to finish off tonight, I'm going to say a massive well done to our lionesses. Unfortunately the result today isn't what everyone hoped for, but, just to get to a world cup final is a massive achievement. the whole team should be so proud of what they did achieve, I for one am mega proud of each and every member of the squad and all of the staff. 4 years time and who knows, maybe just maybe, we go one step further. 

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