the heat got to me today

Published on 7 September 2023 at 22:50

Today it's been over 30 degrees. I am very much a summer person and never normally have issues with the heat, but, for some reason today the heat really did get to me. Went for a ride out on Eleanor this morning. to go with Lisa to drop something off at the hospital, didn't really pay any attention to the weather when we left.

After doing all the bits that needed doing I felt exhausted, literally fell asleep on the sofa at least twice, having massive trouble regulating my body temperature. Absolutely no matter what I've tried, cooling down has been a big NO NO. If I said zero energy that would be a lie, it's been much less than that, in fact zero would have been a good thing. This is been a new experience for sure and not one I've been very keen on haha.

Tomorrow makes 1 full year since Eleanor was purchased (mobility scooter), at the start I wasn't happy at all and tried everything to not have to use it, but, as time went on it became very clear I was hurting myself and I reluctantly gave in. That was the best thing I could have done, without it I'd now be housebound. Now it is fully my best friend, I'm so mega grateful that the scooter is there for me to use.

If I could pass on any advice at all to anyone that needs a mobility aid and is struggling with accepting it, take the leap, forget any negative thoughts and look at the positives. Mine have given me a massive level of independence, without them I'd be lost. You can do this, be proud of who you are.

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