great night out and treatment getting closer

Published on 10 September 2023 at 13:09

Bit of a last min decision on Saturday. At the local Guildhall was an 80s tribute band 'Made in the 80s', Lisa and me made a choice late on that we kinda fancied a date night, booked the tickets and went along. Well it was a very good decision, what a great show😊😁, some real 80s classics done brilliantly. Not sure either of us stopped singing along all night, I'm a massive fan of 80s music so this was a real treat. 

With the next treatment due this Tuesday, really did need a bit of a pick me up, this one being a full bag of Ocrevus for the first time. Really hoping it goes well, I'm sure it will🤞. 

Wonder if my immune system realises in just a couple of days it's going to take a kicking haha, have to admit it definitely feels like I'm ready for the next treatment. Know it's been mentioned about feeling a bit rough the last few weeks and the more research I do the more it 'seems' like the crap gap, not to mention the normal symptoms getting worse. Need to nip shop tomorrow (Monday) and grab drinks and snacks ready for the long day in the hospital, really not sure how long it's likely to take to be honest, guess that depends how my body reacts to it.

I will try and blog during the treatment as well as trying to post pictures and 'Maybe' a video during, that totally depends on how its going.

Speak soon friends 


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