MS Society London walk 2023

Published on 17 September 2023 at 14:11

Yesterday was the day for the MS Society London walk.

An early start so we could make it down in time, up at 6am for a shower, get myself ready and FES machine on so we could leave for 7am. Got to the train station in plenty of time, the train was around an hour in to Kings Cross, then an underground train to Embankment. Arrived with loads of time spare so a Costa and sit down was in order haha, It really was good seeing so many people in orange shirts getting ready for the walk. Once we'd booked in we were given a badge for raising over £100 which was really nice, safety briefing and exercise done it was time to start the walk 😁😊.

Our walk was the 5K, I'd promised myself that no matter what I would start on my feet and I would finish on my feet, the rest if needed would be in my wheelchair, well... yes my chair was used for most of the walk, but, I did at different time do some walking. In all I'd guess I walked around 1.5K, massively proud to have managed that.

We got the pleasure of seeing some fantastic sites. Big Ben and Buckingham Palace were on the route along with many other incredible places, towards the end we did add some extra distance, popped down Westminster to go and see Downing street. Did pay a quick visit to St James's Park and walk down The Mall as well.

Took some great pictures which are on my social media accounts, I may set up a second picture section on here for them over the next few days.

Sat here now the following day, I'm in a bit of pain and discomfort due to all the walking but if you asked me was it worth it, my answer... ABSOLUTLY!!!.

All in all it was such a good day and for a fantastic cause, roll on next year and maybe just maybe the 10K rather than the 5...

My friends I look forward to speaking to you soon


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