Published on 15 September 2023 at 09:44

Well, now the treatment is behind me for the next 6 months, time to focus on other things. I started very lightly with some exercise, did my first proper plank, 10 sit ups and 5 press ups. Honestly it wasn't easy at all but fighting through managed to get it all done, absolutely determined to keep myself in good order, ready for the skydive.

I posted up a video of the plank of my social media accounts, have to say after doing it all I was exhausted, trying to shower after was tough. Had to hold onto the wall just to make sure I didn't fall, really did take it out of me for sure. 

As much as it tired me out it was well worth it, felt so good in myself after, real sense of achievement. Cant wait to keep going, yes it will be hard work, but, nothing good comes easy and if this can help me, physically and mentally then I'm 100% invested.

Tomorrow is the MS Society walk in London, ok I'll be in my chair but, still, really cant wait to go and do our bit to help raise money for such a fantastic cause.

Speak soon friends


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