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Published on 29 November 2023 at 23:12

Hope everyone is doing well. Take a seat, grab a drink and I'll share with you how things are currently going.

MS and ME

This last couple of weeks have been quite tough: memory issues, pain, fatigue and wobbly legs.

Short term memory issues have really been causing a problem. The other day I'd taken off my FES machine as it wasn't needed any more that day, believing everything had been removed and put away I carried on with the day:- after an hour or so, I came in from the studio and went up stairs, coming down I felt something sharp under my foot, thankfully managed to grab the handrail to stop myself falling, but, when looking at what caused it I realised the wire for the foot-switch was hanging down. Now I'd been certain everything had been removed and put away but clearly not, it did scare me to be honest, and that is really just one part of the memory problems. forgetting things I've done just a few minutes before has been very common, after doing some research and speaking to the Doctor it is possible my painkillers could have a small part to do with that so, made a big decision to come off them tablets and try to fight the pain other ways, (I WOULD NEVER ADVISE ANYONE TO DO THE SAME, UNLESS AGREED BY A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL). Time will tell if it's a good decision but I'm prepared to try new things if it helps in the long term.

Pain has been not good at all even before coming off the tablets, same as Fatigue I'm having to rest in the afternoon a fair amount but part of me is wondering if that could be related to the change in the weather, it's getting very cold now which seems to be causing a few different problems. This is still a learning curve for me but, honestly no matter how things change I'm still facing it all with real determination.


Not everything is negative, in fact quite the opposite!... My first proper column on MS News Today was published today. To say I'm excited is an understatement, the level of pride is massive, this feels life changing. I've wanted to try to grow knowledge about MS since the first time the GP told me to expect the diagnosis, well, this gives me the chance to do that. If I can help 1 person by sharing my story then this will all be worth it, I know how it felt when I was first given the news, it scared the life out of me!. By raising awareness my hope is that others can see support is available if they need or want it, as well as resources to try and understand the condition better. 


Over the last Month I've recorded very few episodes, that has been due to wanting to actually make improvements on how it is recorded and get a better content, which I'd hope can help people better. That has now started to come together, so, recording will start again very soon. I'm also starting a new YouTube channel, that will be dedicated just to the podcast, that way I can keep the gaming separate. Watch this space the new link to YouTube will be shared in the not too distant future.


Thanks for reading and I'll look forward to chatting soon


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