How things have been lately

Published on 18 November 2023 at 16:35

Fighting a bit

Things really are a bit tough at the moment. The fatigue has been hitting hard, not to mention pain in my legs, but I'm determined to fight through it. Since being diagnosed this is the longest time that I've had feeling rough, being honest I'm wondering if it has a bit to do with the change in weather... ok summer was a bit wet and rubbish, but at least it wasn't cold. 

The new scooter

Picked up the new scooter the other day, WOW!... love it!. really is so much quicker and even more comfortable, lights on it in the dark are really bright, even the turning signals are good. Had a funny incident on it the first time I went out.

Had a nice ride into town, grabbed the bits we needed and made way home, chatting away to Lisa on the phone saying how great the scooter was, until..... Got across a road and it just stopped! wouldn't turn back on at all, after getting a bit upset thinking I'd not be able to get home I called the shop, they were brilliant, came out to meet me and checked everything over. While they were doing that my dad arrived to pick me up, after a little while it was realised all that was needed was to push the reset button... yep, that fixed it haha.

The scooter has a cut off if it thinks it's been hit, I must have gone up the curb a bit quick and cut it off... oops!.

Thankfully it works great and has been taking me for some nice outings, we do have a name for it, Eleanor was named after the car in the movie 'Gone in 60 seconds', so... this new scooter is called...   


After all in the newer version of the film, Eleanor was a Shelby... And the speed this one goes, think I could well be gone in a few seconds haha.

The new start with MS News Today

This really is such a incredible thing to have the chance to do. Writing for such a massive news network is something I'm taking massive pride in, ok I know that there is so much for me to learn, but, learning is something I'm wanting to do.

after so long in the security business and having that taken away, now, the chance to move into a totally new environment is kind of a bit overwhelming at the same time exciting. My first column has been sent in and I'm hoping it is good, fingers crossed on that one.


Speak soon


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