Published on 17 February 2024 at 21:17

The MRI was... 


Not done! Let me tell the story, So, my appointment was 6:20pm at the mobile scanning unit outside the local hospital; I arrived around 6pm.

Sat on my mobility scooter outside the unit making a video for social media, a member of staff walked past and asked if I'm waiting on a scan, when I said yes, my name was taken and back inside he went. 

Sat where I was I could hear a scan going on, after a while it had gone past my time, didn't really think much of it as we things can cause delays. Due to the time of day, it was starting to get very cold and even though my coat is good, it's not a warm waiting room; because of the location of the scanner no waiting room is supplied.

Kept waiting until the scan was complete and that person came out, thinking I'd be next... nope! someone else went in.

At this point I'd been waiting close to an hour, freezing cold and shivering. Only think for it was to ask what was happening, it was explained they were running very late and my scan would be a MINIMUM of another 30 mins. 

That would have meant over an hour and a half in the cold, I just couldn't stay outside. The only option was for me to try and get my scan rebooked for another day, thankfully the indoor scan department was open and they were happy to book another appointment.

By the time I'd got home I really was very cold, shivering and fed up. Only another week to wait until the next scan date. 

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