Not long until my next treatment

Published on 6 March 2024 at 15:42

Ready for my next date with Ocrevus!

In a little under a week it will be time to start my second year on Ocrevus, that last 6 months has really flown past. Before having each session blood tests are needed, well, yesterday that was completed. This coming Saturday is the make -up MRI scan after my troubles with the last one.

Have to admit, this time, I'm very ready for a date with the tube; music is picked out and ready to go.

The scan is on my cervical spine and brain (yep, it's true, I do have one) once that's done it's on to Tuesday and my nice sit down to get juiced.

Really do feel ready for treatment, fatigue is a real issue at the moment; sleeping is happening a lot! not to mention the physical issues that have been going on. 

Just quickly I want to give a shout-out to the MS roundtable chats that some friends and me have been doing on TikTok, such a good time chatting all things MS and life with the condition, you can join us on Wednesday evening's @8 pm GMT over on my channel; link to that is on the Contact and Social media page above. Pop in and come say hi.  

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