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Published on 5 July 2023 at 22:46

Ok, so lets jump straight in. lets talk about how MS is currently effecting me and how it's making me feel... I've kind of kept some bits to myself from time to time about how MS is effecting me. I think it's time to fully explain, from day 1 of my diagnosis I've been desperate to keep as positive as possible, that's not always been easy to achieve. Over the last year my mobility has gone from slightly impaired to cant walk more than a few meters without awful pain and massive struggle, yes the FES ( functional electrical stimulation) machine has helped massively when walking short distances, I feel safer and more confident, but,  I can't walk any further than without it. Walking any type of distance is very painful and now causes me to feel exhausted, thankfully using my mobility scooter (Eleanor) helps me get a round longer distances or I'd feel very restricted. I'm learning to wheel my wheelchair myself, but, that really is hard and will take a bit more practise for sure. Fatigue is a real issue currently, any kind of effort and I'm beat, the pains in my legs and back at times are hard to even explain not to mention my 'Hug' which never goes away, some days are definitely better than others with that but never get a day without feeling it. The numbness in my legs which I've had for many years again is a big problem but one I'm use to. I do struggle with my short term memory a lot, that is quite frustrating but since taking the Lions Mane Mushroom tablets I've noticed a bit of an improvement. All in all over the last year MS has given me a real kicking and at times it has broken me emotionally, absolutely tears have been shed and anger has come out. As mentioned a while back I've gone back to playing guitar to try and help me relax, started to play Xbox, Gardening is now a big passion and helps me centre myself. This website, podcast and social media channels I've created also help to get things off my chest and if by doing that at least 1 other person can find some help or support then its well worth while. 

This was a bit of a longer blog but, really wanted to get these bits out and show that as much as I try and keep everything positive, I'm also fighting a battle and this battle I will not shy away from because I HAVE MS, MS DOESN'T HAVE ME!. stay strong, we've got this.

Thanks for sticking with me

speak soon


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