3 blogs in 3 days...

Published on 6 July 2023 at 22:40

Well this is unusual, the third blog in as many days. I'm really enjoying doing more writing. Today has been a very busy day, went to meet Lisa from work and we headed into town. Needed some clothes hangers to go in the new wardrobe. Enjoyed my ride down on the scooter, had music on (just 1 earphone) and just enjoying being out. Had a chat with a couple of friends as well, when we got home, Dad put our drawers together for us and then came the fun part haha. Whoever said decorating was a good idea needs a good talking to lol getting everything back to being tidy is hard work and to be fair me doing my usual of trying to push myself wayyyy to hard, the pain is quite bad now but in all honesty I'll take it if it means I'm doing what I can. I know it may sound a bit crazy but I will not give in unless I absolutely have to. counting down now to our big family get together, BBQ and lots of laughs sounds AWESOME. I did add a little section to the website yesterday where I give a very brief explanation of what MS is, I am quite nervous about writing that type of thing because I am not medically trained (First Aider only) and I don't want to give incorrect advice, but, lets be fair I want to help people understand about the condition so from time to time I will fact check things and post up to try and pass on that information.

Well I'll speak to you soon.


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