my 40th birthday and the day after

Published on 20 July 2023 at 22:44

40!!!! yes, 40... Yesterday I finally hit that number. What a day it was, family afternoon out at 10 pin bowling, absolutely loved it. Not had that much fun in ages (my team won haha), have to be honest I was really worried that because of the MS issues I'd not be able to play, but, thanks to the FES machine I not only managed to play, but, even got 2 spares and 2 strikes in the second game. Got some great bits like a canvas with all my social media details on to hang in the 'studio', a really nice top and a book. Had a nice takeaway for dinner and lovely cake after, enjoyed my free cake and coffee from Costa earlier in the day. Honestly, massive thank you to my family for making it such an incredible day.

Following on from all the birthday festivities it's been a tough day today, lot's and lot's of pain... almost had 3 falls today but luckily enough I've been able to adjust in time to not quite go properly down, did bash my head once though which hurt a bit, while at shopping, for the first time had to turn the FES up to 60 just to see me through. Really found walking round very, very tough, but fought through and managed to get done.

One last thing, totally off topic... I've always really disliked Gammon and Egg yolk but for dinner today we had Gammon, Egg and Chips... WOW it was gorgeous, I've been missing out all these years haha my tastebuds have defiantly changed over this last year.

Well hope you have a great few days

speak soon


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