Love writing

Published on 21 July 2023 at 22:40

Hi, All. hope you're doing well. Actually sat this evening and wrote a new poem for the first time in a few months, writing is seriously therapeutic. In no way am I any type of professional writer, but, really do enjoy it and find no matter how bad things are, putting some music on and letting words come out, either on paper or on the laptop, by the time it's all done I always seem to see things a bit brighter. think maybe without noticing it I've found something else to call a hobby. Tomorrow is our big family get together, which, have to say I'm looking forward to. Kinda gutted we wont be out in the garden due to the rain, but still, should be a great day. Having some issues the last few days with my legs and back, along with lots of shock pains firing around all over my body as well as massive tiredness. MS sure is keeping me on my toes lately.

I'll look forward to speaking to you real soon.


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