family get together and update

Published on 25 July 2023 at 21:17

So, Saturday was our family get together. What a fantastic day it was!!. Really can't explain how awesome it was to see everyone, a whole lot of laugh's and fun. Bit of a guess the song game, using my playlist (sorry about that haha), really nice picture wall made by Dad and Lisa showing pics of me in the younger days. Couple of takeaways for us all to enjoy and just genuinely a brilliant day (MASSIVE THANKS TO EVERYONE INVOLVED). Bit of a rest day Sunday a part from recording the podcast, did feel a bit tired to be fair. Today hasn't been the best, woke up late and when I got in the shower I had a fall, ended up having to call Lisa for help as I was stuck. Thankfully no real damage done, just a sore knee and shoulder. Had some issues throughout the day, with numbness in my legs being worse than normal, quite a few odd pains in my head and face as well. Have to say all issues to one side. Since I've had that realisation that I needed to ask for help, I really have felt a lot more positive about things, like it has given me lot's more determination.

To everyone that has wished me a happy birthday THANK YOU! it really has been massively appreciated.

Have a good few days

Speak soon


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